The Lip Trip

Just Livin' Jenny #3

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The Lip Trip! So, I’m driving down in my Prius to pick up my daughter from college. Road Trip, anyone? Lately She’s been sending me a cacophony of texts while finishing up freshman year in college. “Yo, Mom. I can’t believe what this racist guy posted about having to be PC. “Political correctness is not some Orwellian Theory to shut down ideological opposition. It literally has the goal of being respectful to minority groups that have been historically oppressed. Also, when you pick me up, can you rent a chevy Tahoe? And keep you eye of for a couple package I ordered, ok?” In truth, I was worried her stuff wouldn’t fit in my car. “Minna, a Prius actually has a ton of storage capacity. We don’t need an SUV.” I had done the research. “The Toyota Prius holds 67 cubic feet with the seats down. I googled it! “I’ve bought a lot of uggs this year Mom.” . . .