My Corona Woes - The Separation

Part 3

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Eventually the relationship with my girlfriend Sue became untenable for me. “So how are feeling about me, Puddles?” Don’t blame me for this ill-timed question, my therapist advised me to ask it. “I think I’m still in love with my ex.” I could no longer navigate a partnership with someone who wasn’t sure if they wanted to go on with me. “Really? Because you tried to get back together with her twice over the last six years, and that didn’t go so well.” Why can’t she just appreciate what she has. Ya know, be here now kinda thing. She’s fifty fucking nine years old. “I don’t want to keep hurting you. I need a little time so I can work this out one way or another.” We agreed to separate for two months while she sorted out her feelings. She didn’t even hug me goodbye. [If you’re wondering why this is here, it’s because an SEO engineer told me I have to put some of my text in my posts].